Saturday, 9 November 2013

The great wall of Nickleglen

Bit of a change of level along the driveway due to the site cut so we decided to put in a retaining wall...

...with some steps next to the garage to go up to where the washing line will be (after we get more topsoil and grass seed).

Wall complete after a long day of work for Dad and Glenn, supervised by Mum and I (I did a bit but it was bloody hard!).  We are going to stain it and plant some stuff along the top so it dangles over to make it look prettier :)  Now we need more driveway rock so the drive will go right up to the wall.

We're in! (almost three months ago)

Back.  Better now there is some grass, rather than the mud.  Have to decide how to edge the car park area and what to plant where.

Front.  Need more topsoil to cover the side area and seed grass.

Front.  We've painted the verandah concrete (color is High Wire).  Just waiting for some grass to grow (about 40 meters of dirt had to be brought in).  Next we have to decide on what to plant, maybe a feature garden to look at through the dining window.

Our beautiful kichen!  I'm so happy with all our color choices, they've turned out better than I could have imagined- love it!

Dining room.  And the front door (which, typical of most farm houses, will never be used as the entrance!).

Kitchen and Dining

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A few essential items...

Concreting to the alfresco area and the front verandah done.  Verandah will be painted and alfresco will have tiles layed as soon as we can decide on what tiles we like!

Last weekend the split system air con went in, and this weekend Glenn and Wade put the wood heater in (with a slight complication due to a roof truss being right in the path of the flue).

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Floors and taps

Loungeroom carpet.

Flooring in.  Bit dusty in there!!

Shower rail
Vanity sinks and taps

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Nearing completion

11 weeks in and it's almost finished!  The wrong kitchen has been replaced with the right kitchen which looks great.  The stone benchtops went in yesterday and really make it look good.  The tiles in the bathrooms and laundry have been done and I really love the feature tiles.  Electrical stuff is all done so we can actually turn lights on and don't need torches now!  Garage door is on and enormous water tank is in place.  Next week- flooring and plumbing fit off.  Only a few weeks left til we move in.

The kitchen:


 Feature tiles in the showers:
Our walk in wardrobe:

The entrance and dining room:

Kitchen and living room taken from the dining room:

Garage door and water tank:


 From the front:

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bricks finished, cabinets in...sort of

Bricks are all finished and look very neat.  They look lighter than they really are as they haven't been cleaned yet.  Verandah is being roofed next weekend. 

Cabinets went in at the end of last week although the kitchen is being remade as it's wrong!  Laundry looks great- has a broom cupboard and a slide out hamper.

Kitchen bench and cupboards should come all the way to the end of the wall where pantry door is, not sure why they are about half a meter short, but they are redoing them.  Should have two overhead cabinets on one side of rangehood and three on the other.  The ones there at the moment are enormous.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Colors we've chosen (for those who are interested)... 

Roof and gutters- Colorbond Woodland Grey
Fascia- Colorbond Paperbark
Windows- Stegbar Sand Beige
Brick- Austral Mushroom

Laminate floorboards- Inovar Sumatran Teak for kitchen, living and hallways
Carpet- Colorado Burnet for bedrooms, lounge and study
Tiles for bathroom, ensuite and laundry- Same color in matt for floor and gloss for walls/showers/laundry splashback

Cabinets and benches
Kitchen Upper cupboards- Streetlight gloss
Kitchen Lower cupboards- Taupe sheen
Kitchen Glass spashback- Dulux Jarrah on clear (green) glass
Kitchen Benchtops- Caesarstone Ice Snow
Bathroom cabinets- Doeskin
Bathroom benchtops- Caesarstone White Shimmer
Laundry cabinets- Antler
Laundry benchtop- Pure mineralstone laminex


On the outside, bricks have started.  On the inside, the plaster is all done and cornices are up.
Brick is Austral Mushroom.

Bathroom window and Laundry door

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Wrapped up!

Four weeks since it started, can't believe how quickly it goes up.

Side veiw- garage up this end, alfresco area sticking out the back.

Front veiw- garage has the two small windows, next two are bedrooms 2 & 3, then dining, entry, lounge, master.

Site supervisor Nero and his offsider Glenn, checking out the work.
Looking into the lounge from the dining area, living room over to the left.

Roof & Windows

Only took a day for the roof to go on.  Looks great!  And top quality Stegbar windows...the salesman we dealt with was the best in the world. We're all pretty impressed that the measurements were correct and the windows actually fit, haha!  (Thanks Dad!)
Front veiw (Thanks to Tracey for the terrific photo!)

View from the back