Saturday, 9 November 2013

The great wall of Nickleglen

Bit of a change of level along the driveway due to the site cut so we decided to put in a retaining wall...

...with some steps next to the garage to go up to where the washing line will be (after we get more topsoil and grass seed).

Wall complete after a long day of work for Dad and Glenn, supervised by Mum and I (I did a bit but it was bloody hard!).  We are going to stain it and plant some stuff along the top so it dangles over to make it look prettier :)  Now we need more driveway rock so the drive will go right up to the wall.

We're in! (almost three months ago)

Back.  Better now there is some grass, rather than the mud.  Have to decide how to edge the car park area and what to plant where.

Front.  Need more topsoil to cover the side area and seed grass.

Front.  We've painted the verandah concrete (color is High Wire).  Just waiting for some grass to grow (about 40 meters of dirt had to be brought in).  Next we have to decide on what to plant, maybe a feature garden to look at through the dining window.

Our beautiful kichen!  I'm so happy with all our color choices, they've turned out better than I could have imagined- love it!

Dining room.  And the front door (which, typical of most farm houses, will never be used as the entrance!).

Kitchen and Dining